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My Back Sucks!

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Newbie Jun. 15th, 2011 @ 05:34 am

I am new here and I am glad that I found this community. I started having back problems after my first child was born. It started shortly after the epidural. I couldn't bend over, walk very far, or even sit in the floor because of all the pain. Here I was with a newborn and I couldn't even lean over the crib to take care of him. Anywho as they years went by the worse the pain got off and on. With my second pregnancy I had 3 epidurals and none of them helped the back labor that I was having.

I worked as a CNA for several years, but I still tried to fight back the pain. My husband and the time was telling me to go get checked out, but my money was being saved for my children and household needs, I didn't care about my pain, I just wanted my family cared for. I pushed myself through all the pain and the abusive relationship that I was in. I was so used to do everything for myself and my family.

The pain started in 2002 and in 2009 the pain just got so bad that I didn't know if I could push through it or not. I had already been diagnosed with early osteoporosis and early osteoarthritis and I was told not to be surprised if I had to have back surgery or a hip replacement by the time that I was 30. Well in August of 2010, I couldn't get out of bed and I could barely go to the bathroom without screaming out in pain. I went to the ER and they gave me a pain shot and sent me on my way, I went back to the ER the following day and  got seen by a different dr where they done a ct scan on me and noticed that something wasn't right. They told me to make an appointment with a neurosurgeon and the dr gave me tons of prescriptions and sent me home. I made an appointment with a neurosurgeon and not even 2 days after that, I became paralyzed from the waist down. I had no control over urinating or my bowels, I couldn't stand up to walk or anything. My husband got me back to the ER and they done an MRI on me and they found out I had several herniated disks as well as numerous fractures in my back. The following morning they done emergency back surgery on me. The only thing that came back feeling wise was my left leg.

The pain subsided a lot after surgery. I could walk again with assistance, but I still had no control over my bowels or bladder. I have been telling my dr that something isn't right, he done another MRI which showed that I have another disk that has gotten to be taken out asap. A few weeks later I started having pain shoot down my left leg and arm along with numbness aquiring. They done another CT scan and my dr said that I have aquired disk displacia. I have no clue as to what that means. Now I have surgery scheduled again for July 11th. I have been in so much pain lately that I have tried everything possible to reduce the pain. I have even up'd my dose of pain pills, but nothing seems to be working.

I am sorry that I have typed so much but that is what all has happened to me. I would just like to meet some people that may or may not have been in the same situation as I am.

new to group May. 31st, 2010 @ 05:11 pm
Hi - new to group, not sure what else to say. Name of the group kinda covers it for me.

story & pics under cut :P Collapse )

Intro & Long Term Narcotic Use Questions Jul. 8th, 2009 @ 11:29 am

I'm grateful that this group exists, but I wish that nobody had need of it.

I just recently turned 30 and I've been divorced for almost 6 years. I have two elementary aged kids, one dashchund and one yellow lab. I was released from my last job back in December 2008 (I ran out of medical leave because of my back problems). I'm also still plugging away on my bachelors degree.

As for my back problems...

On August 6 2001 I gave birth to my second child. I chose to have an epidural, and because of some complications my left leg was numb for hours after the birth. The nurse who was responsible for moving me to my recovery room helped me stand up, and then she turned her back and crumpled to the floor.

The pain started in my left hip, so nobody thought to check my spine. I was released from the hospital and my primary care physician dismissed my increasing pain. He diagnoised me as having bursitis in my hip. I got a second opinion.

After 7 months (all of them with a newborn and two-year old) I was diagnosed as having herniated discs in L3 and L5. I spent the next year doing PT and getting cortisone injections. Unfortunately these treatments didn't help and I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand in front of my stove and warm up soup.

Anyway, eventually had my first surgery in January 2003. My ex (whom I was married to at the time) was laid off from his job, so I went out (3-weeks post OP) and became the sole bread-winner. I didn't allow myself to heal, I pushed too hard and put myself back into the same position.

Starting early 2007 my pain was so severe I was back to a spine DR. Again, PT and injections. Again, no success. This DR was in practice with a DR who did the discectomy laproscopically, so I had this DR do the procedure on me.

The dr who did the laproscopic surgery really made a mess of things. After the surgery I couldn't feel anything in my left leg. I ended up with "drop foot" and still wear a device to keep me from tripping over my own foot.

I eventually went to a neurosurgen, and I can walk again. But I now have lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and nerve damage.

My question is-

Anybody been on methadone for long term treatment of pain? How hard was it to quit?

Any other medications, not quite as addictive, but still effective? I already take Neurontin (Lyrica is too expensive and ditto on Cymbalta), Alevea, B12 supp,and Celexa (because pain and divorce are DEPPRESSING).
Sorry for the long winded post. At least it stopped me from clearing out all the ice cream in the freezer (suffering from insomnia fairly badly tonight)
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Booty Jan. 19th, 2009 @ 08:02 pm
Hi guys-

I've been embarassed to ask about this problem, but I'm thinking it's back related (I wasn't sure WHAT was going on before). It seems, when my back is paining (and sometimes when it's not) my butt goes numb. Not to much the cheeks, but square on my cocycx. It's like having a tailbone full of novacain.

Does anyone experience this, and if so, what helped?


Surgery Nov. 2nd, 2008 @ 01:45 am
Hi! I Just thought I'd share my surgery adventures... I had back surgery August 22 and I feel great. I've been at work for the past two weeks. If anyone in the southern california area needs a neurosurgeon, Dr. William Dobkins in Newport Beach is amazing. At 26, I am currently his youngest patient, ,lol.



  I also have one like a c-section scar in the front but I'll spare you!
If you're curious I had a condition called Spondiolysthesis that is a congenital deformity and has gotten so bad over the years. In July I had a fall and lost feeling in my lower legs for a few days.  The surgeon basically said if I didn't get the surgery I might be permanently paralyzed the next time I fell or had a accident of some sort, or if I was to get pregnant. I am so glad that I did. I can't believe how many years I allowed myself to suffer! Technically the surgery was a posterior and anterior lumbar fusion :) Yep, that means they went in through the front AND the back! Thanks for letting me share!

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» (No Subject)
Just wondering if anyone has heard of Esther Gokhale and/or read her book "8 Steps to a Pain Free Back"? I just picked it up on Friday and have begun to use some of the techniques and have already felt a great improvement.

Here is a youtube video of Esther talking about her book and ideas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yYJ4hEYudE.


I am new to this group, so here is my intro:

I was recently diagnosed with L5 herniation and spondylolisthesis - both of which are giving me back pain but worst of all is the sciatica. I am 27 so imagining a lifetime of dealing with these problems has me very down (until reading Gokhale's book which is giving me some hope!).
» scoliosis surgery?
Hello I'm just looking for some advice and I randomly typed "scoliosis" in and was so excited to see a community thats just for people like me! I have suffered from scoliosis for a while (i'm 22) I've done the whole chiropractor thing, been to physical therapy, and gone to a pain management center, as all of you already know it affects every single aspect of my life. I loved riding horses and now when i ride i am immediately out of breath, easily tired, and my riding is not at the level i would like it to be at because of my spine. it makes it impossible to do normal activities including exercise at the gym. I cannot concentrate at work and I cannot stand for more than a couple minutes without it literally taking my breath away and making me ache. Its the worst when I wake up in the morning and makes it extremelly hard to get out of bed. It has also taken a toll on my emmotional well being as well, you cannot tell by my physical appearance that i have scoliosis unless you really look but i still feel "deformed" I am completely un-even and when i bend over it is gravely obvious that my right side is much higher than the left and i've gotten pleanty of "Oh my gods!". So needless to say my self esteem isnt that great and I've been told by my therapist that when you are in pain it triggers the same part of your brain that releases feelings of sadness and depression. I feel that this is ruining my life and that there is no end to it, i'm so sick of being in pain every single day of my life. I am going to see an orthopedic surgeon next week and I am hoping that I'll get some answers, I am really starting to think that I want sugery to at least relieve some of the pain and the pressure its causing (i have 2 pinched nerves from it) the more i think about it, the more i want it. i am willing to see a few different doctors and get different opinions, i want to be really careful about it because its my spine and its a BIG deal obviously. I am 22 years old and every website i've been on reading about people who have had the surgery are like 14 to 18 years old. and i'm worried that i'm too old! what do you guys think?
» Crooked Spine, Tired of Chiros, Please Help!
Hello all!   I'm new here and I've had a crooked lower spine for awhile now.  It's gotten worse since I had a baby last year. It favors the left side, leaving my right hip and the front of my right leg in a lot of pain.  I've gone to chiropractors off and on for years, most recently this past Jan-March and spent a fortune!  Sure, I feel fantastic when I leave but I'm still suffering overall and I'm looking for an alternative, psychical therapy, i don't know but I need something?  Any suggestions/experiences would be appreciated! Thanks!
» (No Subject)

Well, I'm going to be 25 in May and I feel like I'm 80. I have two slipped discs from trying to make an impressive entrance down a flight of stairs in 4 inch heels at the age of 17 ((The boy I liked was at the bottom of the staircase, and I missed a step and went down 30 steps on my ass. He was not impressed, BTW))
I've been dealing with chronic pain since then. I've been on all different types of medication, tried physical therapy and countless epidurals, and yet the pain returns so badly at least once a month that I spend my free time laying in bed and I actually have to ask for help to go to the bathroom.
I have Kaiser insurance, I'm paying through the nose, and they won't lift a finger to help because they've labeled me a drug seeker, even though I make it clear that I don't want narcotics, just anti-inflammatories. No one will consider me for surgery because of the location on the discs (So they tell me).
I just got an inversion table to try to create traction in my spine, and I only ended up hyper extending my lower back and pulling both my hamstrings from hanging upside down. So instead of helping, my back has gone from bad to worse.
So, that's that. I wish I were dead. I was happy to find this community because I don't think people without back problems can really understand the depth of the pain and how it effects your life.
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